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Security is important for businesses, ensuring that the premises are protected while preventing access to your buildings. If you are looking for high quality private security services in Saint Paul, MN, look no further than the team at Talon Investigation. We work with businesses from any industry to provide premium security solutions that offer you long term peace of mind. Our experts handle threats of any complexity, and are highly trained in effective de-escalation techniques and firearm use. We provide a range of options from unarmed security through to executive protection.

Are You Looking for Effective Executive Protection?

As an executive, the decisions that you make throughout the course of your work can have an impact on people from all walks of life. As such, you may find that not everyone agrees with you. If you have an enhanced threat of risk of physical harm in Saint Paul, MN, then you can enjoy highly effective executive protection from the team at Talon Investigation. We work with you to develop a solution that caters to your unique situation, ensuring that you can have confidence in everything that you do.


All agents and officers employed by Talon Investigation Ltd. are security professionals that have received extensive training in both the technical use of firearms as well as de-escalation training. Client needs and preferences are our highest priority, so we stand ready to provide our clients with everything from unarmed/soft security to high-risk executive protection and everything in between.


Private Security Contractor

Physical Security

Talon Investigation offers comprehensive planning, design and hardware and software integration services customized to meet the requirements of your physical site protection needs. Providing protective details for the private security of executives and other high-profile individuals with safety concerns.

Counter-Surveillance &
Electronic Countermeasures

Security in today’s environment is unique, multi-dimensional, and rapidly evolving. One aspect of security that is commonly overlooked is the protection of information. Our clients have unique concerns from protecting information that relates to physical safety to the protection of trade secrets and corporate strategies. Our counter-surveillance staff consists of personnel with more than 20 years of experience in special operations and intelligence collecting. We utilize that specialized experience to provide our clients with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your private moments and conversations remain private. Available counter-surveillance services:

-Initial Consultation/Threat Analysis 

-Signal Scanning (Commonly referred to as “Bug Sweeping”)

-Physical Inspection for Hidden Devices

-Electronic Jamming/Scrambling Capabilities

-Deployable Technicians for Clients on Travel (Hotel Rooms, Conference Rooms)

Counter-Surveillance & Electronic Countermeasures Services
Investigative Services

Investigative Services

Businesses in today’s competitive markets are faced with a growing spectrum of concerns. The survival of a company pivots on issues such as employee integrity, a safe and secure environment and product liability. As new legislation is presented to the business community, the definition of a company’s responsibility has become more complex.

Vulnerability Assessment
& Monitoring Services

In today’s economy, information is your organization’s greatest asset. It must be protected from unauthorized access, denial of service, breach of confidentiality, loss of data integrity, etc. The threat of a cyber security breach is greater than ever before. Your organization must be prepared to protect, detect and respond to today’s cyber attacks. So where should you begin?

Vulnerability Assessment & Monitoring Services
Legal Process Services

Legal Process Services

At Talon Investigation we pride ourselves on our ability to
provide quality process service for law firms, corporations
and individuals. We do what it takes to effectuate service.
Regardless of the challenges presented, our servers ensure
that service is made according to your instructions and
Rules of Civil Procedures

Event Security

Talon Investigation provides event security and management consulting services for business conferences, high technology forums, fund raising galas, VIP gatherings, art and jewelry exhibitions, and other special events. We excel at providing services for special events that require a professional, experienced, and more refined security presence.

Event Security
School/Workplace Violence Prevention

School/Workplace Violence Prevention

Violence in the workplace is a serious safety and health issue. It’s most extreme form – homicide – is the third-leading cause of fatal occupational injury in the United States. Talon Investigation is unique in its ability to guide organizations through the maze of problems centered around, influenced or caused by aberrant behavior of employees, customers or other unknown adversaries.

Emergency Response Teams

Whether avoidable or not, all emergencies need to be taken seriously, and receive the proper response. Talon Investigation’s trained officers have been thoroughly educated in de-escalation, crowd control, perimeter assessment and establishment, and conflict resolution. Responding with precision, proper risk assessment, and timeliness, our officers come prepared to handle a multitude of emergency situations.

Emergency Security Response Teams
Mobile Security Teams

Mobile Security Teams

Talon Investigation will work with your business regardless of the location. We recognize that each security concern is unique and not always limited to one location. The security professionals at Talon have established mobile security teams to address unique situations such as these. Our mobile security teams can conduct site visits and patrols to multiple locations within the same shift.


Talon Investigation understands that individuals in the top level of management for any company are responsible for making large and all-encompassing decisions. And that sometimes these decisions or topics awaiting decision are not well received by all involved or by all affected.

Executive Protection Services

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